Finding a Home Church (Part 2)

In the last post, we discussed some issues related what the church itself may be doing wrong, and why there might be a reason to leave that particular assembly. Now though, we’ll talk about our responsibilities as it pertains to why we may not be happy at our current church.

The reason I am bringing up our responsibilities is because it is our responsibility to make sure that we are in God’s word outside of church. That’s right, it is on us to focus on the things of God on days that aren’t Sunday. You see, I know from personal experience, as you probably do, that we can long for God’s Spirit. We can thirst for more of Him. We can feel like He has deserted us. The strange thing is this. We can feel all of these things and think that we are lacking something at church. “I don’t feel fed at this church anymore.” “Pastor just doesn’t teach like he used to.” “The worship isn’t what it was when we first started coming here.” So we start searching somewhere else. We never even realize that the real “cause of all of this could be our lack of study and meditation when we’re not in church.

Not too long ago I was feeling similar to these statements. My fire had died down. I really wasn’t involved too much into the activities at our church, of which there are many. It’s like I was going to church, but there was no meaning to it all. I began to think that there was something wrong with the church. Somehow, I thought that because I was feeling apart from God, it was the church’s fault. Well thankfully I didn’t leave, because the church I go to is an awesome church. The teaching there is solid. The spiritual maturity level of the leadership in my church is ripe. The way our pastor delivers a balanced “diet” (Matthew 4:4) of the Word of God week after week is simply amazing.

What I realized, after sticking it out, was that it was ME. I was the one who wasn’t reading my bible enough. I was the one that was not seeking God’s face in my own time. I was the one who was slacking. It was all me. The fact that it was me came to me while I was listening to Catch Me At the Brook, by a guy known as Sho Baraka. He’s gospel rap artist. I say gospel rap because him and his colleagues most definitely bring the Good  The chorus of the song goes like this:

Your face I gotta constantly seek (I need more)
Never feel I’m reaching my peak (I need more)
My soul thirst for you o’ Lord
I need more (2x) I’m thirsting after GOD
Find peace in your mercy and grace (I need more)
Find shelter in no other place ( I need more)
My soul thirst for you o’ Lord
I need more (2x) You can catch me at the brook

And all of a sudden I felt in my spirit that that was what I was saying the whole time, “I need more”. By this time though, I had already started reading my bible a lot more. Even more importantly though, I was actually seeking the Lord. Each morning, I would get up early and give Him the first of my day. If anything comes of all of what I tell you in these two posts, let it be this. When you are feeling apart from the Lord, look in the mirror to see where you went. He says in His word that He will never leave you or forsake you (Heb 13:5, Deut 31:6), and He is true to His word. Another thing I learned through the Holy Spirit is that the thoughts I was having about my church were from the enemy. They were just another of his schemes. But little did he know that they would backfire, because I am closer to God now than I’ve ever been.


4 thoughts on “Finding a Home Church (Part 2)

  1. another powerful word from my lovely husband! i’m so glad to have seen you through this “lonesome time” you had, God is good. I love you

    1. So tell me this. What if the I’m reading my bible and I’m seeking God. What if I give the first of my day just like you. I even go a little further by fellow shipping with some of my colleagues and we also study the Word of God. What if I do all of the things you said but my heart feels something else. I still feel like something isn’t right. What do I do? Do i start searching for another church are do i stay?

      1. Hey Joe. Thanks for visiting, it’s nice to hear from you. For your question I say this. If you are seeking God’s face earnestly and consistently, if you are in His word, then you will lack nothing. Sometimes the LORD presses us in ways which we do not understand. He may place upon our heart a longing for Him that won’t go away, no matter our home base. This should be our desire; to sincerely have eyes for him. “I need more, I need more.” Thirst after him, then go to the Brook. God places us right where He wants us to be, when He wants us to be there, for His own divine purpose.

        May God bless all that you do.

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