Are You A Doulos?

I usually write on here with an aim to speak to all people, Christian and non-Christian alike. Today though, I’m going another route. I’m am writing this with my brethren in mind, saved believers. I want to talk about God’s glory. His sovereignty. Is He really your Master, your King? Do you submit to Him, killing yourself daily? In Romans 6 Paul explains that when we get saved we are no longer slaves to sin, but slaves to righteousness. As slaves of sin we present our members (body parts, i.e. mind, arms, eyes) as slaves to impurity and lawlessness. In other words, we voluntarily submit to whatever desire comes across our sinful minds. But Paul urges us to now present our members as slaves to righteousness, resulting in sanctification. He goes on to say in verse 22 that we are freed from sin and now are enslaved to God. And that’s what I want to focus on right now.

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you thought you knew me-
let me introduce; the new me-
same as the old me-
just one difference, no me-
holla at me, so sweet-
is His presence, divine-
I’m the branch, He’s the vine-
from which I feed, no wine-
could ever satisfy, no time-
like the present, ever-present-
or you could say omnipresent-
omniscient, means He knows it all-
omnipotent, Most High-
my god has power over the fall-
my King, my Rock, in whom life itself resides-
why have we taken-
something so sacred-
suffice to say, we raped it-
of all its meaning-
stripped it bare-
define it as this, this and that-
life has never been so flat-
from the beginning-
but with that, you take it as fact-
say I came from splat-
or spit mixed with dirt-
oh how the Creator must hurt-
that the creature would deny the handywork-
of His maker, designer, and architect-
how could man propel his intellect-
above Adonai, who am I-
when without Him, we’re desolate-
depraved, and without-
now of everything, we’ve taken Him out-
are we kidding ourselves-
the pride, the shame-
the lies, the games-
shall die, He came-
and saved, now lives-
He gives, you philosophize-
you lover of self-
you are left no help-
so help yourself.