you thought you knew me-
let me introduce; the new me-
same as the old me-
just one difference, no me-
holla at me, so sweet-
is His presence, divine-
I’m the branch, He’s the vine-
from which I feed, no wine-
could ever satisfy, no time-
like the present, ever-present-
or you could say omnipresent-
omniscient, means He knows it all-
omnipotent, Most High-
my god has power over the fall-
my King, my Rock, in whom life itself resides-
why have we taken-
something so sacred-
suffice to say, we raped it-
of all its meaning-
stripped it bare-
define it as this, this and that-
life has never been so flat-
from the beginning-
but with that, you take it as fact-
say I came from splat-
or spit mixed with dirt-
oh how the Creator must hurt-
that the creature would deny the handywork-
of His maker, designer, and architect-
how could man propel his intellect-
above Adonai, who am I-
when without Him, we’re desolate-
depraved, and without-
now of everything, we’ve taken Him out-
are we kidding ourselves-
the pride, the shame-
the lies, the games-
shall die, He came-
and saved, now lives-
He gives, you philosophize-
you lover of self-
you are left no help-
so help yourself.


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