Amazing Saving Grace

“Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me.” These words come natural to the lips of most people, because they remember the song. Sometimes though, I wonder if most people even realize the beauty of the truth that they are proclaiming. Recently, I was at the funeral of a friend of mine. As we were asked to rise and sing this song I looked around the room and saw that most of the people in attendance were following along. It was almost as though their mouths were moving, but the truth of the words wasn’t connecting. I say this because for me, every time I sing that song, I can’t help but smile. My heart cries out for joy when I hear those lyrics.

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Speed Dial

Everytime I look at my phone cell phone
You still in my favorites list
I still got you on speed dial
And can’t see me erasing it
I miss you dog
My phone still got ya face in it
How I wish you would call
Can’t believe I’m facing this
I remember the day I snapped this pic
I’ll never forget the smile on your face – it
Ain’t fair – I’m hating this
I catch myself singing the song
That used to be your ringtone
This can’t be happening
Why did He call you home
I’ll be singing forever
Just wishing that once again you would call my phone