The Mad Scientist

Acts 17: 22-25

Romans 1: 19-20

To my unknown god,

You’ve always been there, right inside of me

I could always feel you watching

Not once have you not been there, guiding me

I’ve never seen your face, I don’t even know your name

No one has told me about you

But your creation speaks of your might

Hummingbirds tell of your beauty

Who am I? That I would arouse your anger

When thunderstorms display your awesome splendor

You have marked my path, every way that I should go

Not a single landmark is out of place

For my soul knows that you love me

It is apparent in the way that you’ve cared for me

You’ve placed the sun in it’s place

And the moon according to the boundaries you’ve set

Every breath I take is a gift, I am but a worm

And my soul knows it very well…

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