The Mad Scientist

Acts 17: 22-25

Romans 1: 19-20

To my unknown god,

You’ve always been there, right inside of me

I could always feel you watching

Not once have you not been there, guiding me

I’ve never seen your face, I don’t even know your name

No one has told me about you

But your creation speaks of your might

Hummingbirds tell of your beauty

Who am I? That I would arouse your anger

When thunderstorms display your awesome splendor

You have marked my path, every way that I should go

Not a single landmark is out of place

For my soul knows that you love me

It is apparent in the way that you’ve cared for me

You’ve placed the sun in it’s place

And the moon according to the boundaries you’ve set

Every breath I take is a gift, I am but a worm

And my soul knows it very well…

But now, Oh unknown god!

I have not known you!

My wrath stirs inside me

And from this very day, I will exalt myself above you

For where were you, when my soul was restless

Where is your power in death

Or what is your name, and where is your face

In my times of calamity

Oh great unknown god

Where is thy proof? Present thyself to me!

Dare you write your law in me!

There is no law, but that which exists

Only that, which my mind can perceive

I will make the laws based on my observations

For then, I need no outside explanation

Yes! I know, I will be careful in my study

For every leaf shall be turned, I will interrogate the heavens

Then, I will not have to answer to this unknown god

What I observe to be true will be my guide

I will decide

There is no law, but mine which resides

So tell me – Where art thou – Oh unknown god?

Unknown – and lost in my memories


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