Day 1

These are my thoughts on the first day I’ve ever willingly abstained from smoking. Wow, I never thought this day would be possible. I started playing around with cigarettes when I was about eleven, a full-blown smoker by the time I was thirteen. At fifteen it was no longer a secret, not even to my parents. They certainly didn’t approve of it, but nonetheless, I suppose there wasn’t much that they could do, aside from locking me up 24/7. It’s a shame I wasn’t more obedient though, it would have saved me fifteen years of slavery.

Slavery is what I call it, because slavery it was. My entire day, life, revolved around when I could burn another one. If I’d be riding in a vehicle, and I would go to light up but couldn’t find my lighter, I would start to tweak, and you better believe that a pit stop was soon to come. It really was a sad sight to see, ask my wife. My addiction to nicotine has stolen literally years from my life, and I’m not even talking about the negative health effects that smoking has on your body. I’m speaking of the vast amount of time wasted, utterly wasted, five minutes at a time, as I puffed through another one.


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