A Gift

My lovely mother

Ma, mom, moooooom!
You’ve answered to all of them faithfully
My childhood days are full of sweet memories
Because of You
I’ve seen you struggle
I’ve seen your pain
But your faith always stood out the most
You always did what was necessary
Worked two, three jobs if You had too
To provide for those You loved the most
Your generosity
Especially for those that didn’t deserve it
As much as it bugged me then,
I think it rubbed off on me
Aha! But it’s a reflection of the God You serve
And His amazing grace!
The Book says that we were created in His image
But I think it’s especially true of You
Because my whole life
I’ve witnessed His loveliness and beauty
Through You.
A gift such as this, such as You
I don’t deserve
I know I’m loved by God
I’m loved by You