My review of The Greener Grass Conspiracy: Finding Contentment On Your Side of The Fence

I was being very blessed by this book until I left it, half-read, on a plane. 😦 But no worries though, because I was given this book by the publisher for review, I wanted to do a good job, so on day one I gave the book a thorough inspectional reading. I read the beginning and end of each chapter to get a good feel for the book before I dove in. After just reading that much of the book I could tell I was in for a real treat, and a timely one.

This book arrived to me in just the right time in my life. Recently, my wife has been telling me to quit complaining about things. So when I saw the offer to get a free copy of the book, in exchange for a review of the book, I couldn’t pass it up. As I got into the book,the first thing I noticed was it’s readability. The author’s humor was laced throughout, enough, but not to much. I loved how he used the concept of a conspiracy to introduce the very real problem of discontentment that plagues society today. And he correctly identifies the root of this problem as sin. Then he offers the correct solution to the problem, namely, contentment in all that Christ is for us.

I could go on to a play by play of what I did read of the book, but I feel it will be more useful to you to tell you that this is a book that I would highly recommend to anyone that struggles with finding contentment in their circumstances. The content of this book was extremely helpful to me when I lost it. It is my prayer that whoever finds that book on the plane reads it, and is as blessed by it as I was.

This is my first book review, so please forgive me for its short length. Perhaps I’ll get better at this as I review more books.

So You’re A Christian?

So lately I’ve been thinking really hard about the underground church. The underground church refers to the believers and followers of Christ all around the world that do not have the freedom to worship freely. This dedicated body of believers are willing to die for their faith, the very same faith that the majority of people here who claim to have it don’t even acknowledge on a daily basis. Tell me this; How can the average Christian in America and Asia Bibi be of the same faith.

Example. Recently I was talking to someone close to me and mentioned the fact that there are people in other parts of the world that can get arrested  or even killed for their faith. His response was “Well I’m sure the Lord would understand”, as he proceeded to describe his way out of a situation. This person, mind you, would also most likely call himself a Christian, and he may very well be saved, who am I to judge a man’s soul. My point is that we take too much for granted.

Daily, there are Christians persecuted simply for believing in Jesus. Richard Wurmbrand, in Tortured For Christ, tells of a pastor forced to watch his son be beat to death:

He was forced to stand for two weeks, day and night. The communists wished to compel him to betray his brethren, but he resisted steadfastly. In the end, they brought his fourteen year-old son and began to whip the boy in front of his father, saying that they would continue to beat him until the pastor said what they wished him to say. The poor man was half mad. He bore it as long as he could. When he could not stand it any more, he cried to his son; “Alexander, I must say what they want! I can’t bear your beating any more!” The son answered, “Father, don’t do me the injustice to have a traitor as a parent. Withstand! If they kill me, I will die with the words, ‘Jesus and my fatherland’.” The communists, enraged, fell upon the child and beat him to death, with blood spattered over the walls of the cell. He died praising God. Our dear brother Florescu was never the same after seeing this. Continue reading “So You’re A Christian?”

Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name Morning, August 16, 2010

Psalm 29:2
God’s glory is the result of his nature and acts. He is glorious in his character, for there is such a store of everything that is holy, and good, and lovely in God, that he must be glorious. The actions which flow from his character are also glorious; but while he intends that they should manifest to his creatures his goodness, and mercy, and justice, he is equally concerned that the glory associated with them should be given only to himself. Nor is there aught in ourselves in which we may glory; for who maketh us to differ from another? And what have we that we did not receive from the God of all grace? Then how careful ought we to be to walk humbly before the Lord! The moment we glorify ourselves, since there is room for one glory only in the universe, we set ourselves up as rivals to the Most High. Shall the insect of an hour glorify itself against the sun which warmed it into life? Shall the potsherd exalt itself above the man who fashioned it upon the wheel? Shall the dust of the desert strive with the whirlwind? Or the drops of the ocean struggle with the tempest? Give unto the Lord, all ye righteous, give unto the Lord glory and strength; give unto him the honour that is due unto his name. Yet it is, perhaps, one of the hardest struggles of the Christian life to learn this sentence—“Not unto us, not unto us, but unto thy name be glory.” It is a lesson which God is ever teaching us, and teaching us sometimes by most painful discipline. Let a Christian begin to boast, “I can do all things,” without adding “through Christ which strengtheneth me,” and before long he will have to groan, “I can do nothing,” and bemoan himself in the dust. When we do anything for the Lord, and he is pleased to accept of our doings, let us lay our crown at his feet, and exclaim, “Not I, but the grace of God which was with me!”
Morning and Evening: Daily Readings by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

It’s Been A While

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written here, but I have not forgotten. I am currently working on a new post about grace. For anyone out there in cyberspace that follows this blog, I am still here. The next post will be up this week sometime. Anyone who does follow me here, or even just stops by once in a while, please feel free to comment, drop a line or whatever. Ciao.