Finding a Home Church (Part 2)

In the last post, we discussed some issues related what the church itself may be doing wrong, and why there might be a reason to leave that particular assembly. Now though, we’ll talk about our responsibilities as it pertains to why we may not be happy at our current church.

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Finding a home church (Part 1)

So, you think that you want to leave your church. You want to find another one. The church you call home just isn’t cutting it anymore, ¿right? Well, ask yourself some questions. Is the pastor of your current church teaching biblical truth? What does the fruit of his work loo like? In other words, ¿what kind of example does the congregation set as believers in Christ, as they go about their daily lives?

I tell you to ask yourself these questions to help you reflect on why you want to leave, and to help you determine if it is the church that is doing something wrong, or if you may need to look at some things in your own life. You  may be experiencing true neglect on the church’s part to teach you biblical truth. You may be hungering for the Word of the Lord, and lacking a pastor who presents it balanced and in context. Or, your hunger for more of Him could be related to what you’re not doing when you’re away from church.

Let’s first review a few reasons why you should leave a church:

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