A Gift

My lovely mother

Ma, mom, moooooom!
You’ve answered to all of them faithfully
My childhood days are full of sweet memories
Because of You
I’ve seen you struggle
I’ve seen your pain
But your faith always stood out the most
You always did what was necessary
Worked two, three jobs if You had too
To provide for those You loved the most
Your generosity
Especially for those that didn’t deserve it
As much as it bugged me then,
I think it rubbed off on me
Aha! But it’s a reflection of the God You serve
And His amazing grace!
The Book says that we were created in His image
But I think it’s especially true of You
Because my whole life
I’ve witnessed His loveliness and beauty
Through You.
A gift such as this, such as You
I don’t deserve
I know I’m loved by God
I’m loved by You


A Dedication to Lost Loved Ones

It’s hard to say goodbye

It’s hard to accept that you’re gone

It’s hurts to reminisce on what could’ve been

So much time has passed

Babies were born, Life has gone on

But not a day has gone by

Without reflections of five brothers

But alas, a phantom mirror

Like a dream, as though it is

But it’s not

and will never be


Picture of Jerry
Missed by his family - 12/13/1974 - 6/2/1994


The Mad Scientist

Acts 17: 22-25

Romans 1: 19-20

To my unknown god,

You’ve always been there, right inside of me

I could always feel you watching

Not once have you not been there, guiding me

I’ve never seen your face, I don’t even know your name

No one has told me about you

But your creation speaks of your might

Hummingbirds tell of your beauty

Who am I? That I would arouse your anger

When thunderstorms display your awesome splendor

You have marked my path, every way that I should go

Not a single landmark is out of place

For my soul knows that you love me

It is apparent in the way that you’ve cared for me

You’ve placed the sun in it’s place

And the moon according to the boundaries you’ve set

Every breath I take is a gift, I am but a worm

And my soul knows it very well…

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Speed Dial

Everytime I look at my phone cell phone
You still in my favorites list
I still got you on speed dial
And can’t see me erasing it
I miss you dog
My phone still got ya face in it
How I wish you would call
Can’t believe I’m facing this
I remember the day I snapped this pic
I’ll never forget the smile on your face – it
Ain’t fair – I’m hating this
I catch myself singing the song
That used to be your ringtone
This can’t be happening
Why did He call you home
I’ll be singing forever
Just wishing that once again you would call my phone


you thought you knew me-
let me introduce; the new me-
same as the old me-
just one difference, no me-
holla at me, so sweet-
is His presence, divine-
I’m the branch, He’s the vine-
from which I feed, no wine-
could ever satisfy, no time-
like the present, ever-present-
or you could say omnipresent-
omniscient, means He knows it all-
omnipotent, Most High-
my god has power over the fall-
my King, my Rock, in whom life itself resides-
why have we taken-
something so sacred-
suffice to say, we raped it-
of all its meaning-
stripped it bare-
define it as this, this and that-
life has never been so flat-
from the beginning-
but with that, you take it as fact-
say I came from splat-
or spit mixed with dirt-
oh how the Creator must hurt-
that the creature would deny the handywork-
of His maker, designer, and architect-
how could man propel his intellect-
above Adonai, who am I-
when without Him, we’re desolate-
depraved, and without-
now of everything, we’ve taken Him out-
are we kidding ourselves-
the pride, the shame-
the lies, the games-
shall die, He came-
and saved, now lives-
He gives, you philosophize-
you lover of self-
you are left no help-
so help yourself.